Simplify, empower, accelerate: an exceptional control system for the Medical sector

Despite the complexity, sophistication and intelligence of the IDS offering, the software and user interface are intuitive and easy to use.

IDS Product Range

Developed for the medical industry, IDS integrates directly to BMS using common protocols such as MODbus and CAMbus allowing our solution to easily control systems such as beds, lighting, ventilation and to display critical environmental information.

Medical Schematic


Easily Manage Content

Fully customisable UI allows all medical professionals to use IDS with ease and speed. All common commands can be displayed for simplicity.

Wherever you are, and on whichever device you prefer, controlling, monitoring and managing content takes only the touch of a finger.


Automate Workflows

Our IDS Core configuration software provides easy access to workflow changes. A network based system, it allows users to create and automate both critical and non-essential operations, from controlling lighting to ventilation settings.

Display Anywhere

Control, monitoring and management through networked displays. With the ability to display waiting times, important health messages, directions and so much more.



Through our integration with Polecam, IDS can deliver granular control of operations from within theatre or from a remote location. 

This application is ideal for compliance recording, training room applications or for streaming to lecture theatres and teaching rooms.

To get a closer look at Polecam please click the link below.


Control Systems - How we work with you


We come to you, study your current systems and processes and make detailed recommendations on how we can help. With no obligation.


Configuring Your Solution

We create your solution in our labs, customising and testing it to your achieve your exact specifications.

Configuring your solution


Working alongside your engineers on your site, we commission or work with your SI partner or team to get the system up and running.


Ongoing Support

Constantly on hand to offer support and create changes to your system as well as offering training for your own team.

Ongoing Support

Additional Functionality

As our IDS platform develops and innovates, we’ll ensure you are kept up to date on exciting new and upgraded features. 

Additional functionality
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